Steve Schapiro

 “Award Winning Photographer”


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A World Renowned Documentary and Entertainment Photographer

Steve Schapiro is one of the world’s leading documentary and entertainment photographers. His work has won many key awards with gallery shows on both coasts and representation in many museum collections. His book, American Edge (Arena Editions, 2000), about “the spirit of the 60’s in America” was chosen as one of the best books of the year by the Los Angeles Times and other publications.

During the 50’s, Schapiro traveled extensively throughout the United States for Life and other magazines, doing photo essays on civil rights, Haight-Ashbury, the Robert Kennedy campaign, Andy Warhol, Mohammed Ali, and everything from poodles to presidents.

Schapiro photographed the first People magazine cover, The Jane Fonda Workout book, the stills for “The Godfather”, “Taxi Driver”, and “Chinatown”, the posters for “Midnight Cowboy”, “Billy Madison”, “Parenthood”, and “101 Dalmations”, as well as the album covers for “Streisand-Supreme” and “The Way We Were”, among others.

Limited-edition fine-art lithographs created from Schapiro’s photographs are available thanks to a process called Photo-Litho Fusion, developed by the S2 Atelier in Las Vegas, NV. By combining the traditional hand-drawn, hand-pulled lithography techniques with the artist’s photo-negative plates, the artisans at the S2 Atelier, under the direction of the artist himself, have created a unique process to produce these fine artworks.

Steve Schapiro. The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, Russia