Vicky Montesinos

 “A Flower is Not a Simple Thing”


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A Flower is Like a Universe in Itself

The quest to discover the deeper, metaphysical meaning of her subjects has inspired Vicky Montesinos throughout her career, since she first achieved acclaim in the 1960’s as the top portrait artist in her native Mexico City. “People have an idea of the way they look – or the way they would look – and you have to be able to perceive that,” she says. But despite her success, she turned away from portrait painting for precisely that reason – the subject’s expectations limited her ability to express her own vision.

Daughter of pioneer Mexican film director Fernando Rivero, Montesinos has been drawing and painting since childhood. Her first influence, she says, was the “beauty and fantasy” of the movie world, “where anything is possible, where you can believe and do anything.” She later studied at the Mexico City Academy of Spanish artist Jose Bardasano, and recieved further training in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today she lives and works in New York City.

Vicky Montesinos had her first one-woman show in 1971 at Galeria Rosana in Mexico City. Her work has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums throughout the world, including the Institute Cultural Hispano Micano and the Museo del Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City; Espana Pintura Contemporanea Mexico 77, Madrid; International Expeditions of Rotterdam, Leipzig, and Tokyo; the Piera Bis Gallery, Paris; and Circle Galleries throughout the United States.

Vicky Montesinos Painting