Autumne 1900, Alphonse Mucha

Autumne 1900, Alphonse Mucha


Fine Art Lithograph, hand pulled on a vintage press.  Sequentially numbered.


In 1896, Mucha created a set of decorative panels, known as “the Seasons.”  It quickly became so popular that he was asked by Champenois to produce two more sets based on the same theme.  The final set was created in 1900.  Mucha‘s beloved nymph-like women worked well with the mood changing aspects of nature embodied by the changing seasons and his images continue to evoke the splendor to this day.

Recreated from the original image by Alphonse Mucha under the endorsement of The Mucha Foundation. The lithograph was pulled on rives French-made paper on an antique press. Chromist David Copson, created this image by hand-drawing directly on to specially prepared surgaces which were then chemically transferred onto lithographi plates, one plate for each color. The plates used to create these editions have been destroyed. The original image obtained by the Mucha Foundation insured that this recreation matched in size, color and style of the original graphic work in exact detail. This print bears the chop mark of The Mucha Foundation plus the chop mark of S2 Atelier.


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