Marlene Dietrich - Lili Marlene, Al Hirschfeld

Marlene Dietrich - Lili Marlene, Al Hirschfeld


Fine Art Lithograph, sequentially numbered, hand signed by the artist

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Hand pulled lithograph of a Hirschfeld illustration:  Marlene Dietrich’s famous (and famously insured) legs in a re-enactment of a publicity image from Rainier Fassbinder’s German propaganda film, starring Hanna Schygulla, “Lilli Marlene.”  The film named for the beloved song that Dietrich recorded in both German and English.

The song was popular among German and Allied soldiers during WWII, even instigating a nightly cease fire on the African front so both sides could enjoy the song via Radio Belgrade.

A German citizen and film star, Dietrich opposed Hitler and the Nazi’s and remained in the U.S. during the war, working for the USO, entertaining the allied soldiers by performing the song live.  She recorded it in both German and English.


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