Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas


Hand pulled lithograph. Signed by the iconic welcome sign’s designer, Betty Willis and photographer Bill Hannapple. Includes certificate of authenticity.


“Betty Willis, who died on 19 April, aged 92, was the artist behind the world’s most famous city sign: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas. Since 1959, it has stood at the foot of the main drag, welcoming visitors to (fabulous) Las Vegas with seven silver dollars circling the ‘Welcome’, and an eight-pointed star signalling arrival at the gambler’s Bethlehem.” Gavin Hynes, The Guardian.

These prints were made from an image taken in 1998 by photographer, Bill Hannapple, a good friend of Betty’s.  Occasionally, the two of them would ride amid all the construction in Las Vegas and Hannapple would say to her, “Betty look at what that little sign did.”  At one time the sign stood 4 miles outside town, acting as a beacon on the road from Los Angeles.  Now the sign is at the south end of Las Vegas Blvd, the city having grown around it.

Although she never copyrighted her work, and therefore did not benefit from all of the merchandising that has been created for the city based on the sign, Betty was monetarily compensated for each signature of the fine art lithograph she and Hannapple created.  It was the only earnings she collected specifically from her iconic creation.

The lithographs were printed on French rag paper using lithography and serigraphy, a process that creates a rich, velvety, three-dimensional appearance.

Hand signed by Betty Willis, who designed the iconic image of Las Vegas in 1959 and Bill Hannapple, photographer. Includes certificate of authenticity.

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