Architectuur, Frank Lloyd Wright, Tentoonstellung

Architectuur, Frank Lloyd Wright, Tentoonstellung


Vintage 1931. Artist-Hendrikus T. Wijdeveld. Chromist AB; 1997. sequentially numbered.


Vintage poster original designed by Dutch architect and graphic design artist, Hendrikus T. Wijdeveld (1885-1987).  The lithographs was recreated on an antique press in 1997.

Hendrikus Wijdeveld was an important force in the creation of Dutch modernist design.   He founded and edited the innovative Dutch periodical Wendingen (published between 1918 and 1931), for which he designed most of the covers and layouts. His block-like typeforms and ornamental borders became known as the “Wendingen style,” influencing Dutch graphic design well into the 1940s. Wijdeveld also designed posters, such as of which have become icons in graphic design history.  Wijdeveld designed this poster in consulation with Frank Lloyd Wright to advertise Wright’s one-man exhibition that opened in Amsterdam on May 9, 1931. The exhibition, which showcased the work of Wright’s career through the early 1930s, toured both Europe and the United States.


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