Quinquina Dubonnet, Jules Cheret

Quinquina Dubonnet, Jules Cheret


Hand pulled lithograph on vintage press, sequentially numbered.


Artist Jules Cheret was one of the greatest lithographic artists in existence.  He was born in Paris on May 31, 1836 into a family of artisans. Since the family had little money, Jules Cheret’s formal education ended when at the age of 13, his family could no longer afford to keep him in school. His father, a typographer, placed Cheret in a three year apprenticeship with a lithographer.

His works were not reproductions of drawings or paintings that already existed; these were truly original creations by Cheret. They were not colors printed one on top of the other, but rather colors separated and balanced, with each vibrant color unique and standing on its own in perfect harmony with the other colors; a symphony of color brilliantly orchestrated by Cheret. Cheret is credited with elevating lithography to an art form. His innovative color lithographic process would later be used by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

The vintage poster was created in 1895. The lithograph was recreated using the same hand pulled process on a vintage press in 2000.

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