Gordon Parks (1912-2006) was a legendary photographer, composer, writer and film director. He is well known for his black and white documentary photography work for Life Magazine. However, Mr. Parks had a lifelong passion for photographing in color. In 2003, after writing a book about the English painter J.M.W. Turner-The Sun Stalker-he was inspired to create a new body of still-life, abstract color work. He painted backdrops and photographed the objects against the backdrops. The images are stunning and represent yet another example of his talents. He said “I feel I have contributed to the world through my documentary work and I think that after 90 years upon this planet, I have a right after working so hard at showing the desolation and the poverty, to show something beautiful for somebody as well.”

In 2004, Parks collaborated with Rue Royale, LLC. Atelier in Las Vegas, Nevada to publish seven of his favorite images and he decided to sign and edition them. Something he had never done before. Gordon Parks was enthralled with the painterly quality of the prints and the vibrancy of the colors. The Rich, deep, multi-layered color saturation was a critical component to the aesthetics of this work. This unique collection of litho fine art prints represent his vision of how he wanted his new body of work to be shown.

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